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Erika contacted me via e-mail, live asked tips. Work addition to moving a household, little boys and the cat together. In this post, the general advice I've gathered, what with the moving smooth can. Erika a couple weeks to have an open to-do list, please, this in the next post you can read it.

  1. Write list of what to do. The list writing all the more transparent things.
  2. Get into the packaging, tools. (box, garbage bag, label, thick-tipped sharpie, cord the közözéshez, glue)
  3. Before you pack up the whole apartment lomtalaníts, only take with you what you really need. If you have enough time before you move, then the house clearances in particular, it can be done. I am thinking about, to start your clear-out when announced the apartment, or if you 6-8 weeks out, then 2-4 weeks rászánhatsz the junkyard for, and 4 weeks for packing. If only 3-4 week to pack up the apartment, in addition to work with you should one be involved in the process and while you pack will get rid of the extra.
  4. The garbage while you find broken things to throw out. The still usable stuff, decide what will happen to them. Even the move before you sell and you give away, or is this just the move after going to be the opportunity?
  5. Packaging: Move per room, the tray with. First, those things put away each room, the things that I just don't use that here. For example: seasonal clothing, sports equipment, older documents that are to be stored, photo album, the garbage at found for sale/gift wait for things. Then, those things put away that are more densely you use, but in the next few weeks you can spare them, again, proceed per room. For example, books, dvd-r cd-k, magazines. The last time those things put away, that's the most you guys use.

A method of boxes to use…

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